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DC Greičio reguliatorius PWM (6V-60V, 0A-30A)

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- Size: Approx. 96 x 61 x 34mm/3.78 x 2.40 x 1.34''
- Input Voltage Range: DC6V-60V 
- Output Voltage: Linear with load
- Output Current: 0A-30A
- Continuous Current: 20A
- Speed Range: 0% to 100%
- Regulation Method: Potentiometer
- Regulation Type: Regulating Current
- Control Frequency: 15KHz
- Wiring Type: Screw terminal

- Speed controller is made with high quality circuit board which ensures a longer service life.
- This simple and easy-to-use DC motor speed controller has an stable performance.
- Designed with a digital display that shows the rate in percentage of actual speed to maximum speed.
- This motor speed controller uses screw terminals for convenient and quick wiring.
- Comes with a momentary start/stop switch and a speed control potentiometer.

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