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DALRC "Long Range" Sistema

198,30 €


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Dažnis: 433 MHz
Darbinė įtampa: 7-26V
Darbinė srovė: 250mA @ 12V
Valdimo kanalu skaičius: 16
Matmenys: 52 x 38 x 18mm
Svoris: 23g

Dažnis: 433 MHz
Kanalu skačius: 8CH (SBUS palaikymas 16CH)
Darbinė įtampa: 3,6-8,4V
Darbinė srovė: 60mA @ 5V
Matmenys: 34 x 26 x 7mm
Svoris: 7,5 g


Frequency: 433MHz
Working voltage: 7-26V
Working current: 250mA@12V
Channel: 16
Dimension: 52 x 38 x 18mm
Weight: 23g

Frequency: 433MHz
Channel: 8CH (SBUS support 16CH)
Working voltage: 3.6-8.4V
Working current: 60mA @5V
Dimension: 34 x 26 x 7mm
Weight: 7.5g

Suitable for extending the range of your R/C remote controller.
Small size, yet powerful. Small receiver, suited to Mini Racing Quadcopters.
Support online upgrade, easy operation, stable performance.
-115dBm sensitivity
RAFHSS modulation for great anti-interference.
18ms PPM frame.
Max 1500mW output power, 5 modes adjustable.
Transmitter support PPM, SBUS, PWM input.
Receiver supports PWM, RSSI, PPM, SBUS output.
Failsafe protection.
Debug via one button.

Pacakge includes:
1 X DALRC QUHF 433MHz transmitter
1 X DALRC QUHF 433MHz receiver
1 X Transmit antenna
4 X 3P doupont cable

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