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5.5x2.1MM DC Lizdas, Prisukamas

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5.5x2.1MM DC Socket Panel Mounting Power Adapter Plug
DC seat head with screw mouth, with nuts and washers.
Direct drilling hole can be installed in the panel, the nut fixed and tighten.
Such as: plastic plate shell, chassis, machine casing open hole to install, easy to use and quick.
Suitable for factory mass production, DIY modification or electronic production, etc.
Material: Plastic & Metal
Pore size: 5.5mm
Pin Diameter: 2.1mm
Connection instructions:
Socket total have three metal connection points. Schematic diagram pin 1 connect to the socket of middle round pin, connected to the positive. The other two metal sheet is connected when not plugged into the power plug. After access to the power plug is disconnected. Schematic diagram pin 3, connect to negative, schematic pin 2, connect to your other or not connect.

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