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Maketavimo plokštės maitinimo šaltinis 3.3V/5V (Breadboard Power Supply)

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Name: Breadboard Power Supply Module
Input Voltage: DC 6.5-12V or USB power supply
Output Voltage: 3.3V, 5V Switchable
Max Output Current: 700mA
Size: Approx. 53x32mm
Two way independent control, can be switched to 0V, 3.3V, 5V
On-board Two sets of 3.3V, 5V DC output pins, Facilitate the external leads.
Application: For MB102 bread board

There is a green LED to indicate the presence of power, and an ON / OFF latching switch to control the power to the board. You have to push the switch IN to use this device.

Jumper Pins and Headers
Jumper pins are utilized for selecting the voltage levels on each side of the breadboard power rails. You can choose between 5 V, OFF, and 3.3 V. There are two sets of jumper selectors for each side of the breadboard power rails; hence, you can have any combination of voltages on either rail. There are also header pins for tapping off voltages, using a cable or jumper wires.

How to use a Breadboard Power Supply
This is a plug-in power supply and the headers below the board simply plug-in to the breadboard.
Once plugged in, the voltage rails to both sides on the breadboard then provide power. You then use the yellow jumpers to select the voltage levels required. This is a dual output 3.3 V, 5 V regulated board and you can have either voltage on either rail on the breadboard, which is very useful.

The PCB manufacturing is of good standard, and the markings indicate the model MB V2, known as MB102. This is obviously a double-sided board that is machine assembled to a good quality standard. There are two sets of mounting header pins, and the ones on the front are if you want to use the holes on the outermost edge of the breadboard thereby using a least number of tie points.

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