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7 in 1 Portable Screwdriver Kit Set Precision Professional Repair Hand Tool with Box

It comes with 6 tips, there are 2 different ends on each tip, so you can use it in 12 different ways.
Features :

The 7-in-1 screwdriver set is fine workmanship and sufficient hardness of the cutting tools, high precision of knife type, not easy to deformation and broken in use process.
All the cutting head are magnetic, not only firmly stick to the handle but also effective traction screw.
The box is increase your using quick and easy, a full set of plastic boxes, easy to carry.
It is your essential tool for maintenance and daily life.
According to the human body engineering design of the plastic handle is easy to grasp and provide greater torque, special green plastic, comfortable operation.
Specification :

Head Style:
Phillips1.5mm - ★ 0.8mm
Phillips1.5mm - Flat 1.5mm
Phillips2.0mm - ★ 1.2mm
Y Type 2.0mm - Flat 2.0mm
T2 - T6
T4 - T5

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