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Lichee Pi Zero 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 512Mbit DDR Atviro kodo Mini Linux kompiuteris

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Lichee pi Zero (hereafter referred to as Zero) is a delicate mini Cortex-A7 core board/development board, which can be used for beginners to learn Linux or for product development. Zero offers a wealth of peripherals (LCD, ETH, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, SDIO…) and powerful performance (~24M~1.2G, 64MB DDR**) on a slightly longer SD card size (~ 45x26mm).

Zero uses a compact PCB design that makes development and use very convenient:

  • Inline breadboard
  • Inline 40P RGB LCD
  • Use OTG port for power supply and data transmission (virtual serial port, virtual Ethernet, etc.)
  • Networking with stacked WiFi modules
  • Direct patch

Zero provides Mainline Linux support. You can use any programming you are familiar with on Linux.

Hardware parameter:

CPU: Allwinner V3S, ARM Cortex-A7, fastest 1.2GHz

RAM: integrated 64MB DDR2

- ReservedSOP8 SPI FlashPad(customizable patch 8~32MB SPI Nor Flash,128MB Nand Flash)
- On-board half-slot TF card holder, can be started by TF

- General 40P RGB LCD FPC holder
1. Inline 40P 4.3/5/7 Inch screen(on-board backlight driver), 50P 7/9 inchscreen can be inserted through the adapter plate
2. Resolution support 272x480, 480x800,1024x600 etc.
3. On-board resistive touch screen chip,support resistive screen
- On-board RGB LED

Communication Interface:
- SDIO x2,Can be used with the matching SDIO WiFi+BT module
- SPI x1
- I2C x2
- UART x3
- 100M Ether x1(include EPHY)
- OTG USB x1

Other interface:
- PWM x2
- LRADC x1
- Speakerx2 + Mic x1

Electrical characteristics:
- Micro USB 5V power supply
2.54mm Pin 3.3V~5Vpower supply
1.27mm stamp hole power supply

- Output 3.3V 和 3.0V(AVCC)
Optional input RTC voltage

- 1GHz linux no-load operating current 90~100mA
full-load operating current ~180mA

- Storage temperature -40~125℃
Operating temperature -20~70℃

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