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Termometras (-50C~110C)(5V-12V)

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Matuojama temparatura: Nuo -50C Iki +110C

Darbinė įtampa: 5V-12V


Brand New and high quality.
Normal Temperature Collection Range: -50~110℃.
DC Power Supply: this product needs to connect with DC 5-12V power; red wire connects with power positive, black wire connects with power negative.
Display: when take off temperature sensor, digital tube will display ''- - -''; when temperature is lower than -50 celsius or higher than 110 celsius, digital tube will also display ''- - -''.
1. Measure car internal and external temeprature
2. Measure air conditioned room indoor and outdoor temperature
3. Measure refrigerator internal and external temeperature
4. Measure fish pond water temperature
5. Measure infant bath water temperature
Material: Plastic + Metal
Shell Color: Black
Display Color: Red
Refresh Rate: 4s/times
Display Way: LED Digital Tube
Minimum Resolution: 0.1 celsius
Measurement Precision: 1 celsius
Operating Temperature: -40~65℃
Measurement Range: -50~110℃
Electric Current: 18MA
Power Supply Voltage: 5V~12V (max. 15V)
Sensor Type: NTC Metal Waterproof Probe
Temperature Probe: Standard 1 meter 10K/B3950 metal probe
Shell Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 48X29X23mm/1.89''X1.14''X0.91''(appr.)

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